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Integrity Trading has been founded by Mark Bennell, who has been trading for the last 15 years, 12 of those being as a full time trader, having previously worked as a General Manager and Project Manager.

 Mark holds the IFTA accreditation of Certified Financial Technician (CFTe) as well as a Diploma of Technical Analysis (Fin 231 & 331) and a Diploma of Share Trading and Investments. Additionally, Mark has completed numerous specialised short courses and an enormous amount of self directed study.

Having a passion for trading and technical analysis has allowed Mark to utilise his extensive knowledge and experience to assist others to achieve their goals.

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While it is one thing to gain a vast amount of knowledge about Technical Analysis and trading strategies, it is the diligent application of that knowledge over time that leads to trading mastery. Trading successfully is not a blanket approach, which often leads to paralysis, or a “one size fits all” approach, but It is the application of techniques that resonate with an individual’s personality strengths and recognition skills that create the competence required to profit consistently.

Mark had to learn the important and often resolve testing trading and psychological lessons in the beginning through trial and error, however this has given him incredible insights into not only the pitfalls lying in wait for the newer trader, but more importantly the knowledge required to master the processes and techniques that lead to success.

Having learned the importance of these lessons positions Mark to be able to not only pass on these valuable lessons which can not only short cut the Trader’s journey, but often avoid the many mistakes which can end a Trader’s journey through lack of knowledge and frustration.