Structured Mentoring

The structured mentoring approach is best suited to individuals that wish to significantly reduce the amount of time required to become proficient. Individuals work through a structured road-map at their own pace.

Prerequisites – Individuals who have made a serious attempt to learn how to trade, have a real passion for trading, have made a lot of the common mistakes and now realise they need help in their journey. Generally the individual will have attempted to learn and trade for at least 18 months and are beginning to find a style that resonates with them.

Let’s begin by asking the following questions, are you;

  • Struggling to consistently apply a style that resonates with your personality
  • Searching for answers to your most pressing trading questions and finding you are wasting an enormous amount of time and energy getting vague and unreliable answers at best?
  • Still on a “Knowledge Quest” searching for the Holy Grail?
  • Possibly stuck in the indicator roundabout – seeking to create certainty?
  • Trying your hardest to be disciplined but get blindsided and spiral out of control, only to look back after and be totally disappointed in your performance?
  • Feeling like giving up because you just can’t seem to bring all the pieces of your methodology together?
  • Wishing someone could just tell you the truth about trading?
  • Wishing you could leverage off someone who has gone before you?
  • Wishing you could share honestly about your trading struggles without judgement?
  • Passionate about trading and have a strong desire and commitment to succeed

If you answered yes to some of these questions, then I may be able to help you.

Utilising my extensive background, I am able to provide customised tools to assist the trader to becoming consistently profitable by identifying areas of improvement that otherwise would be difficult to identify alone, therefore greatly reducing the learning process. What I can do for the participating Client.


  • Quickly identify where the Trader currently resides in their trading journey
  • Identify the Trader’s strengths and weakness with their current strategies
  • Create a tailored, structured and progressive game plan building on the Trader’s natural strengths
  • Create customized tools and strategies following assessment and according to the game plan
  • Work through and apply in real time the tools and strategies laid out in the game plan
  • Create a workable feedback loop by monitoring ongoing performance
  • Create a genuine, structured Trading Business model


Structured Mentoring is conducted with the purpose of covering all aspects of trading that provide the best opportunity to achieve consistency. The sessions work through in order starting with an assessment of basic knowledge, creating strategies and a methodology that resonates, right through to maintaining a constant growth mindset utilising the tools provided.

Depending on the individuals current knowledge and study commitment will determine the pace at which the individual progresses through the lessons and work.

Sessions are pre-paid in blocks of 5 or 10. The individual can change to an ad-hoc or one off type or coaching Mentoring relationship once the structured content has been completed in its entirety. This is generally the sequence – Intense Mentoring – Ad-Hoc Mentoring or Coaching

Generally the duration of sessions is between 1 – 3 weeks, dependent of personal responsibilities, work commitments, amount of time allocated to study, etc. It is important that lessons are no more than 3 weeks apart also to keep the momentum.