What Students Say

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Mark’s personal coaching is very structured and in depth, he goes into the finer detail with setups, how to manage trades efficiently and how to view the general market outlook. If you are looking at fast-tracking your way to success – Mark will get you there

Hugh W

Hugh WBrisbane, Australia

Mark has been very helpful in getting me to plan a trade, concentrating on the exits as well as the entry. He has an amazing amount of knowledge on all aspects of trading but works with me at my pace never overloading me, allowing me to implement the information and adapt it to suit my style of trading. Mark has really helped fine tune my general knowledge making me more profitable while reducing risks

Tony C

Tony CAdelaide, Australia

I got to know Mark when he assisted with a live moderated futures trading room. I was impressed by his depth of knowledge then and have continued to seek advice from Mark in my trading journey. His wealth of knowledge has enabled me to avoid the many costly and time consuming pitfalls there are in learning to trade consistently and he has effectively directed me to the best education, markets and strategies that suit my style.


Paul C

Paul CBrisbane, Australia

Being a sceptic, I have been watching Mark’s market streams and trading academy course videos before I made up my mind to engage Mark as my personal Trading Coach. Mark’s structured approach to trading takes a lot of guess work out of the equation. Mark patiently assisted me to develop my trading business plan and trading plan tailored to my personal circumstances and personality. Mark shared with me his years of learning and experience of what works for him and this has helped greatly to fast track my learning and my journey. The coaching with Mark made me discover and find my trading holy grail – trading my edge with discipline over a series of trades. I strongly recommend anyone who would like to treat trading as a serious business to engage Mark as a Mentor. 



RickCanberra, Australia

Hi Mark, just wanted to thank you again for the session two weeks ago. I just finished going through the notes I took at your house again and have been very busy implementing all your wisdom into my own trading infrastructure (it’s really revolutionised the way I see charts and approach my trading and even now I still haven’t finished revamping my trade routine, my trade watchlist, my portfolio monitoring method, my trade journaling and periodic review system, my system plan and my business plan, although I have implemented the equity curve which has definitely given me more motivation!)

I still haven’t even done much reading, but I can’t wait to get cracking on things (of course after I finish restructuring my trading infrastructure!) I can’t stress how much I took from that session and how much it has revolutionised the way I do things (and how much work it’s created for me! not that I’m complaining!) and it’s really opened my eyes as in to the difference between somebody who is able to trade full time and myself. Thanks so much and catch up soon!



ThomasMelbourne, Australia

Mark was a big shortcut for me. I was lost in the trading jungle and he directed me how to get the right direction. His patience, discipline and multi-layer knowledge helped me a lot. He taught me how to see the bigger picture and forced me to master one thing at the time. Being a master at one thing is much better than having a general idea of anything. Long story short, I found my way. Thanks Mark for everything.

Reza F

Reza FSydney, Australia

It was by pure chance that I one day decided to join a FX discussion site where Mark was doing live streams. I was also looking for a mentor after 6+ years of terrible trading as one last stand at succeeding at this ‘trading thing’. It was a revelation – an hour or so of proper trading education/ lectures daily + a trading academy of his library of over 80 videos (the only videos you’ll ever need). After a few months of listening to him I found that his style resonated with me and I decided to approach him to mentor me.


To call him a Professor of Trading would not be an overstatement because that is essentially what he is. He has shown me the varied and deep aspects of trading – it’s almost a perpetual knowledge quest which Mark would be the first to emphasize that it’s a ‘4-year degree programme’. To this end, Mark is very ‘real’ when it comes to expectations. He constantly emphasizes that this is a long journey and practice, procedures and patience are key. Don’t come to him if you are not prepared to work – he does not spoon feed you with a prescribed ‘secret method’.


He will guide you to concoct your own secret sauce in trading and as you unravel more and spot more things in the market, he will be there to help you expand on your discoveries. His passion comes through during the mentoring sessions where he will happily give more than the allocated time to his students for which I am grateful. Mark has changed the course of my trading just when I wanted to give it up. He is as real as it gets – no BS, just professionalism and substance. I feel fortunate to have found him as a mentor and look forward to continuing my journey with him.

Saddiq H

Saddiq HSingapore

Within the first 20 minutes of Mark’s first session I realized how inadequate my previous years of education, experience and lack of discipline were. As the weeks progressed, Mark led me through a logical process of putting all the knowledge together and I learned the importance of running a system, together with all the disciplines to maintain good results. With Mark’s guidance I now have daily habits which are getting all the knowledge bedded down and I have a repeatable system which is proving to be a great success. Each session with Mark is like discovering a whole new world and the subtleties of the market are now very apparent to me – the logic, and intelligence of the market as seen through the charts astounds me every day.   Most importantly, Mark did not simply give me a trading plan. He guided me to work it all out for myself, so the plan I now have is really mine, and is entrenched in my mind. Thanks for all your time and assistance so far and I hope we have many years of mentoring ahead.

Alan R

Alan RDubai

There is a detailed and thorough course structure, designed to take you through an intensive process to transform your analysis, psychology, and trading skills. There are clear goals and outcomes set out for you to achieve within the mentorship period.
Helpful documents and tutorial videos are provided to assist you work through each step. Mark was diligent, thorough, and totally professional in his guidance of me, directing me through the structured levels from beginning to end.
Mark’s attention to detail is exemplary. Progress to the next ‘level’ is made only when each step along the way is satisfactorily completed. This ensures and requires that you do your tasks thoroughly – there are no shortcuts!
If you think it’s a significant investment, you’re right, it is. But, if you ask yourself “How much money have I lost trading in the last 6 months/year/2 years…?” and it comes to a significant amount, maybe about the same amount as the cost of this course, then don’t hesitate to commence, because if you do what’s in the course and follow Mark’s guidance you may save yourself from losing all your trading capital due to your current bad trading habits.
I’d highly recommend you consider this course as a way to transform your skills in order to start the journey to consistent profitability.

Russell L

Russell LAdelaide, Australia

For years, I’ve traded the markets on and off with no real success. I’ve studied indicators, different strategies, attended seminars, read all the books I could lay my hands on, but somehow, I could not complete the puzzle.
I therefore embarked on a journey to find an appropriate mentor both locally and internationally, but most of them were more interested in upselling their courses and the good ones do not Mentor anymore.
Fortunately for me I stumbled upon Mark Bennell. A man with integrity, exceptional work ethic, humble and very detailed orientated. I’ve been a student of Mark for the last 5 months and am very grateful because my whole mindset and style of trading has changed immensely.
For the serious trader, I would definitely recommend Mark as he will define a clear roadmap for your trading business which include Strategy, Technical Analysis, Trading Psychology, The Trading Process as well as Personal Development.
Having Mark as my Mentor and Coach is the best investment I ever could have made.

Brandon P

Brandon PCape Town, South Africa

Mark is a true professional. He has a passion and the talent to teach about trading. I have gone from losing money to making money in my account. During the backtesting portion of the mentoring – he explained the concepts in a manner that was easily understood.
When I first started mentoring, he said that once live trading began – his role would change into a coaching role. This proved to be invaluable – he messaged me after I had started live trading to see how things were going. The market seemed irrational to me and I explained what I was seeing.
He then explained what I was missing, and it made sense and I realized that it was actually rational – I just didn’t know what to look for. He has been invaluable in my progression as a trader and has definitely made the learning curve shorter.

Robb R

Robb RCharlotte, USA

The mentorship with Mark has been the best decision I have ever made, Mark really knows his stuff and has been through it all. Previously I have tried online technical analysis courses, but they do not compare to having a mentor to guide you through the trading journey.
Not only is mark an excellent mentor but having someone to hold myself accountable has been a great help. Knowing Mark is there has really made me focus to complete tasks before our next session.

Mark is extremely knowledgeable, and he also takes the time to make sure I understand everything we are going through. I now look at trading in a completely different way from when I first started and am more motivated than ever.

For anyone who is looking to take trading seriously, I highly recommend getting in touch with Mark for your mentorship. Thanks Mark for all your help.


Ian W

Ian WPert, Austrlia

Trading has been a lifelong ambition of mine but after spending considerable amount of time and effort through trial, error and frustration I came to the realisation that I needed some professional education and guidance to point me in the right direction.
I was lucky to stumble across ForexSignals and the mentoring program they offered which was geared towards people who wanted not only to be a profitable trader but also make it a real business, exactly what I wanted.
The programs aim was to address the 4 foundational aspects of trading – trade identification, trade management, risk management and psychological management. My mentor, Mark Bennell provided an excellent structured plan to guide me through each section. Mark kept me on track through regular one-on-one sessions where he used his deep trading experience to help shortcut many of the pitfalls that traders encounter.
Mark has not only guided me in setting up a proper trading business but also helped me transition into a profitable trader. My trading journey has just begun, but without ForexSignals mentoring program and Mark’s help, the process would have taken much longer.

Bryan G

Bryan GMelbourne, Australia

Some divine intervention led me to Mark just over 3 years ago when I first started and knew nothing about trading. He encouraged me and led me on my trading journey, giving me just enough information on an informal basis so I could work it out for myself.
Recently I asked him to mentor me formally. What an amazing journey. His knowledge and expertise are truly exceptional. But more than that he truly teaches you, not lectures you. He let me work at my own pace, encouraging but never criticising. Perfect. I am now well on my way to being a successful full-time trader. Thank you Mark.

Howard D,

Howard D,Port Macquarie, Australia